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    1. David Dermott (david@) http://vip.4ztuwd.icu/index.html
      Wolfville Ridge , Nova Scotia, Canada

      Bicycle Stuff

      Paddling (canoe and kayak)

      Ski, Skate and Spark Stuff (Adventures on Ice and Snow)

      What's new (dec 2017): ice photos 2017-2018
      What's new (feb 2014): skiing at Greenfield, Feb 11 2014
      What's new (jan 2014): ice photos 2013-2014
      What's new (mar 2013): ice photos 2012-2013
      What's new (oct 2013): paddling photos Annapolis River
      What's new (aug 5 2013): more paddling photos Boot Island
      What's new (aug 3 2013): paddling photos Boot Island
      What's new (jan 2012): ice photos 2011-2012
      What's new (jan 2011): ice photos 2010-2011
      What's new (jan 2010): ice photos 2009-2010
      What's new (dec 2008): ice photos 2008-2009
      What's new (dec 2007): ice photos 2007-2008
      What's new (Oct 2007): kayak photos
      What's new (Jan 2007): Ice season 2006-2007 photos ; Alberta ski photos, Christmas 2006
      What's new (Jun 2006): Some photos of 2002 bicycle tour in Sweden and Norway
      What's new (Jan 2006):โก ล เด้ น สล็อต ฟรี ; Ice Season 2005-2006 photos